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Driver Genius 8 — Free License To All

I posted a blog on 4th of December about free offers from Avanquest. They are offering their high valued softwares free of cost just for Christmas presents. If you have missed it, no problem. You can still go there and get your presents. But they give one free software each day. Today is the most famous Driver Genius 8 is being given free of cost.

There are many softwares available which help you to find necessary drivers for your system. You can find new versions of the installed drivers with the help of these driver seeking softwares. These softwares update themselves whenever you connect to Internet and carry a catalog of drivers currently available at company’s servers. Then, when you run the software, it looks each driver installed on your system and compare it with the driver catalog it carries. Later, it tells you which drivers are out dated. If you allow, driver software will download the current versions of drivers and will install them.

These driver updating softwares will cost you around $30. Driver Genius also costs around $30. I posted a blog on free driver downloader called RadaSync on 27th of November, 2008. RadarSync is available free of cost but also has less functions compared to Driver Genius 8.

CLICK HERE to go to offer page and click on no. 8. Then you will be taken to offer page to download Driver Genius.


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ZoneAlarm Pro‏ — Two Licenses Give-Away

Every computer security software has its own features. Some features are very strong and some are weak. If Norton, BitDefender, Kaspersky are good in catching Malwares but not very strong against Internet threats like hacking, intruding. Agnitum and ZoneAlarm are strong enough to prevent you from Internet threats but they do not provide you the safety like BitDefender, Kaspersky, etc. against Malwares.

You people may know that few days ago ZoneAlarm ran a campaign on its 15th anniversary. They offered a free license to every visitor during the specified time but you had to fill a small form to get license. As this was already announced on 14-11-08 on PCMag site, thousands of people got their own licenses on 18-11-08. Later on due to heavy traffic load, ZA’s servers stopped working temporarily.

I have an offer for you. If at that time, you were unable to get the license, you can get it now. I am offering you two licenses of ZoneAlarm Pro. You can get it very easily. Just you have to post a comment with your email. Two different emails will be selected randomly and the keys will be posted them. I have a request, please, do not post comment more than once. It will be unfair killing the chances of others.

Includes the world’s #1 Firewall from the people who invented it
ZoneAlarm pioneered the personal computer firewall used by over 60 million people worldwide, and our parent company, Check Point Software, invented the enterprise firewall used by every member of the Fortune 100. We know how to keep the bad guys out.

Total Identity Theft Protection
Only ZoneAlarm combines offline identity protection services with online technologies to stop thieves from stealing your identity.

Award-winning Anti-Spyware aggressively blocks and removes spyware, including ‘adware’ that other products ignore.

Keeps YOU In Control of Your Computer
Rootkits and operating system attacks can by-pass other defenses and take control of your computer. Our leading Root & Boot Protection shields you during startup and beyond to stop these attacks.

Fast, Safe, and Easy to use for novices with our new One-Click Fix It interface, yet powerful and customizable for more advanced users.

This Give-Away prize is a Christmas gift and will be announced on 24th December, 2008. You still have 17 days. Remember! these keys are valid for complete one year and are legal.


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Hack Your Windows Start Menu

The time when I was a newbee in computer education, I saw my friends playing with Windows. At that time, I could not understand What the operating system is and how it works. Even, I did not know how to change font. You might be surprised that I was about 20 years old when first I touched computer. Funny! Yes it is. Still, there are many things which I can not understand. Now I wanna talk about basic changes in Windows Startup Menu.

You may be surprised to know that before Windows95, there was no start menu in Windows operating system. Start menu was first introduced in Windows95 and since then it has become essential part of Windows layout. Start Menu basically consists of shortcuts to programs installed, folders, files and tools, etc. in your system. This is a long discussion. I must come to my topic.

To play with Start Menu, you need to run Group Policy Editor (GPE). Go to Start Menu and type gpedit.msc in search box and press Enter. This command will work on both XP and Vista. A new window of GPE will open. GPE shows you two panes; LeftPage and RightPane. LeftPane shows menu for different types of setting and RightPane will show you the settings of the particular element which you will select from LeftPane.

As we want to play with Start Menu, so, we will open User Configuration menu and then will go to Administrative Template which has Start Menu and Taskbar settings. Click on Start Menu and Taskbar and we will see different settings in RightPane. RightPane has further two slates; Extended and Standard. In Extended slate, you will see details of each setting of Start Menu. Standard slate will not show you details but settings.

Click on any setting and a new window will open showing you two tabs; Settings, Explain. Under Setting tab, you will see the name of the setting and three options; Not Configured, Enabled, Disabled. Now you can select how do you want to handle those settings. Under Explain tab, the effect of those settings are described.

I wrote this long text just to make you understand the full path. We can also write this who text just in few words like:

1: Start Menu➪Run, type gpedit.msc and press Enter.
2: On LeftPane follow it User Configuration\Administrative
Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar.
Now you will Start Menu and Taskbar settings.
3: Now double click a setting which you like and play with it.

If you have any question, comment here. I will try to answer.


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Create Headers With XHeader

During website creation, creating graphics is a big headache. Design, layout, elements and have to think about lots of other steps and stuff. One of these is creating banners for your website. There are hundreds of software available. Some of those are costly and some are available free of cost. XHeader is one which is free of cost.

You can create amazing headers with the help of XHeader. You can create headers from scracth or if you have some template, you can use that to create header. XHeader makes it easy for you to work on astonishing headers.

The download file size is 36 MB. The disk space needed is 38 MB to install it. But on the other hand, when you run it for you work, it does not take big amount of RAM. It consumes just 12 MB during work. The entry in the running processes is named XHeader.exe can be seen through task manager.

I think this is a nice program which is freely available. One thing which, I feel, is not good is its size. I see it is 3 times larger than the size it should be. This means it should be around 10 to 12 MB maximum in size instead of 36 MB.


*Create headers from scratch or use the built in templates
*1000 header styles in the registered (free) version
*Quick and easy header selection from category listings
*Size of each header listed in Template Selector
*Auto-resize headers to fit your specific needs
*Optimization wizard: Quality / file size optimization inbuilt
*Layering – move items in front of & behind other items
*Save your design as a .XHF file & reopen it in the future
*Preview your designs in your default browser
*Change background color of main screen
*Stay up-to-date with automatic version checker
*Detailed help manual containing step-by-step instructions
*Create shapes such as squares, rectangles, ovals, circles
*Add transparency effects to shapes
*Add your own graphics, logos, etc
*Select a transparent background color for imported image
*Add and edit text elements
*Add transparency effects to text
*Add special text effects: glow, emboss, chisel, & outline
*Add drop shadows to text
*Adjust horizontal drop shadow offset of text
*Adjust vertical drop shadow offset of text
*Powerful color controls for special effects

The headers, you will create, can work with any website designing software like Dreamweaver, XSitePro, FrontPage, etc. There are 46 built-in header categories further divided into sub-categories. One good thing is you can use any font of any language but that font should be installed on your computer.

Now you should try it by your own. CLICK HERE to go to its website. CLICK HERE to download XHeader.

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Rising Antivirus Free Edition v20.63 (2008)

If on one hand computer security softwares are being developed rapidly, on other hand computer security threats are increasing at high rate. I can not understand that what is the result of what. Whatever, I will share bit about free edition of Rising Antivirus. Let me tell you first about Rising. It is a Chinese company which is in business since early 90s. RISING is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in computer virus prevention in the world. RISING is dedicated to the research, development, production and sale of computer antivirus products, network security products, and anti-hacker products.

RISING is catering to over 60 million personal users and more than 70,000 corporate customers in Asia, Europe and Northern America.

Rising Antivirus is being offered from Australian Rising site. Rising Antivirus Free Edition protects your computers against all types of viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other malicious programs. Ease of use and Smartupdate technology make it an “install and forget” product and entitles you to focus on your own jobs with your computer. RISING Antivirus powerful engine has been scertified by Virus Bulletin,Checkmark, TUV.

Functions and Advantages

Anti Rootkit
Mail Protection(POP3/SMTP)
Application Protection(RISING unique Account Safe function protects your online game, MSN, E-mail account, Yahoo Messenger and other private information.)
Proactive Defence(protects your security safe from malicious program)
Application Access Control
Program Startup Control
Malicious Behavior Detection
Hidden Process Detection
Multiple Languages
High Speed Update Service
Support Service

CLICK HERE to go to home page.
CLICK HERE to direct download.

Note: If you see a message that Rising Antivirus will expire after 31 days, simply update it to latest version and the message will disappear. If you will use firewall, you have to pay. So, forget firewall. 😉


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yEd Graph Editor v3.1.2.1 — Create Flow Charts, UML Diagrams, Mind Maps and Many Other Kinds of Diagrams

When I was studying UML, I found softwares used for this purpose are very costly. There were free softwares available, too, but was not able to maintain quality standard. I tried some of those softwares and found that yED Graph Editor is bit better during the studies. It is freely available.

Its technology is based on Java. This means, we can use it on any platform. It can also be run directly through Internet making you tension free of installation. It is currently available for Windows, Linux/Unix, MAC OS X and Web-Start.


* Supports working with multiple graphs simultaneously: an arbitrary number of editor windows can be opened to edit graph structures.
* The new Palette tool window provides samples of both predefined as well as user-defined visual representations for nodes and edges. It allows for instant access to a number of graph elements of each kind that have different (visual) characteristics.
Several theme-based sample collections for graph elements (e.g., for UML) are available.
* Graph files can be opened using a Drag and Drop gesture into the canvas. A new editor window is opened for the graph structure contained in the file.
* Graph elements can be created with a Drag and Drop gesture from the Palette into the canvas.
* Subgraphs can be copied to the system clipboard in EMF vector graphics format or in several graphics formats (JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG), respectively.
* Full support for node types that are defined using SVG vector graphics format.
* Graph files can be opened directly from URLs.
* Includes sample graphs that, for example, present the various layout styles.
* [NEW] A new layout algorithm provides support for genealogical family trees. Additionally, GEDCOM files, which encode genealogical data, can be imported.
* [NEW] Browsing graphs is also supported in a full-screen mode featuring new navigation controls.
* [NEW] New “Modern”-style node representations available in the Palette tool window.
* [NEW] Group nodes optionally obey a minimum size which is defined by their label.
* [NEW] Removed “Powered by yFiles” watermarking from the editor windows and from exported documents.

For exporting graph structures, yEd offers file formats for image and vector graphics export including:

* PDF (Portable Document Format) by Adobe
* Macromedia Flash file format SWF
* SVG vector graphics file format. This file format supports embedding URLs and descriptive tooltips for both nodes and edges.
* Enhanced Windows Meta File (EMF) file format, a vector graphics format that can be used in almost any Windows application.
* JPG and GIF file formats. Export large images as multiple images and HTML tables also supported.
* HTML image maps with support for embedding URLs and descriptive tooltips for both nodes and edges (see a sample)
* BMP (on Windows machines) and PNG file formats
* EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

As it has multiple operating system support, you should choose according to your needs.

Windows users CLICK HERE.


Linux/Unix users CLICK EHRE.

Web-Start users CLICK HERE. You can save it or can run it live.

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Avanquest Offering One Free Software Every Day…

Avanquest has many famous softwares like SystemSuite, Web Easy and Fix-It Utilities. Thousands of people are using these softwares and satisfied. They are in contract with many other companies and offer a big range of softwares. One famous software is Driver Genius. But now, Avanquest is giving away one software as gift every day.

This GIVEAWAY offer was started on 1st of December and will continue till 24th of December, 2008. The surprise is, you can not know what is present of the day. The offer page has 24 golder stars. The offer is hidden behind the one star out of 24 stars. You have to click on the star to know what is GIVEAWAY of that day. Simply, you must know which date is and click on that date number star. It will reveal the hidden offer. You can also find the active number because it will have twinkling stars around it.

Try your luck and you may get the software which you wanted. This is must that you will get one software each day. It can be any software.

CLICK HERE to go to offer page.


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Oosah — 1TB Free Online Media Storage

You people already know about Rapidshare, Megashare and many other websites which provide you online data storage and sharing facilities. Free users on such sites are always in trouble because being under many restrictions. There are many other websites providing you totally free storage and sharing facilities. The problem is those sites do not provide you huge online space. One good example is XDrive by AOL. Online data storage gives you the ability to share your data with others. Every body can not buy costly data storage space online. To solve this problem, I found a new site called Oosah which provide you 1 TB free online storage space. WOW!

Oosah is a Web-based digital media content hosting and management system. Oosah provides individuals and businesses with an all-in-one service for uploading, hosting, managing and sharing their digital media assets. Members can also use Oosah to create new media assets in the form of multimedia presentations that is called oosahs by Oosah.

Three things which make Oosah different from others are;

1: Oosah is very intuitive and easy to use. Oosah features are accessed using the same drag-and-drop, and keyboard commands that you are familiar with from desktop applications.

2: Oosah gives you a full Web-based File Manager. The Oosah File Manager gives you the ability to organize your content better than any other Web 2.0 content hosting site.

3: You get more sharing options than any other site. Not only can you share content by emailing, or by linking/embedding in other sites, but you can also podcast your content, or you can download it and burn it to CD/DVD for off-line distribution. Even you can use your local printer to print you photos at full resolution.

There are two packages are available; Free and Paid. I will tell you a bit about free package which is most suitable for us. Rmember! Free package gives you 1 TB free online data storage and sharing facility. On website, they wrote that might be in future the space available to free users will increase.

XDrive can be used online through you browser or you can also download a program to run on your desktop. But Oosah can be used through you web browser and flash from Adobe. This means it can be used on any operating system. Web browsers which have been tested are Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Camino, and Flock. This shows that you can access your account with any web browser. There will not be any problem in accessing it. You can make folders as many as you want to organize your data.

You can upload a single file or a batch of files but there are few small restrictions. Your file size should not exceed than 250MB per video, 50MB per image, 50MB per mp3 file.

I think, now you must do remaining by yourself. CLICK HERE to go to home page.


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Gmail Gadget For Windows XP n Vista x86

Google Inc. has unveiled a new gadget that allows Google Desktop for Windows users to check their Gmail accounts without having to leave leaving the vendor’s desktop search application.

The new gadget will allow users to read, search and send Gmail messages while in Google Desktop, according to Google. Users will also be able to star messages and use keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t take up much space in your sidebar or desktop, and you can also resize it to show as few or as many messages as you’d like.

Google released Google Desktop in 2004. The application is designed to make searching a PC as easy as searching the Web. It provides full-text search over e-mail, files, music, photos, chats, Gmail and Web pages viewed, according to Google. The application includes other gadgets that allow users to be shown new e-mail, weather updates, photos and personalized news.

The app is currently Windows-only and requires Google Desktop version 5 or higher, leaving Mac and Linux users of Google Desktop out in the cold. Anyone looking to use Amnesty’s Generator program to convert it for other platforms like OS X’s Dashboard are also out of luck, as Google has not offered it as an iGoogle, Web-ready widget.

Gmail Gadget page can be access HERE. But to install Gmail Gadget, you must have Google Desktop which can be accessed HERE.

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Microsoft releases Vista SP2 beta

Microsoft Corp. today released the beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to subscribers of its developer services and said it would open the preview to the general public on Thursday.

In a pair of postings to company blogs, Microsoft announced the availability of the single service pack that will update not only Vista, but also Windows Server 2008, the company’s corresponding server software. This is the first time that Microsoft has packaged one download that applies to both the client and server editions of the operating system.

As of today, subscribers to TechNet and the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) can download the beta of Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2, Mike Nash, vice president of Windows product management, said in an entry to the Windows Vista blog.

Others will have to wait two days, Nash continued. “Beginning Thursday Dec. 4, we will be making the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Beta available to everyone through a Customer Preview Program (CPP),” he said.

According to a just-revamped page on TechNet, the Vista and Server 2008 SP2 betas will be available Thursday to the public via downloads over Windows Update, Microsoft’s default update service. Links to downloads of stand-alone installers and disk images will also be added Thursday to both TechNet and MSDN.

As is the company’s practice, Microsoft discouraged most users from trying out the beta. “The CPP is intended for technology enthusiasts, developers, and IT pros who would like to test Service Pack 2 in their environments and with their applications prior to final release,” Nash said. “For most customers, our best advice would be to wait until the final release prior to installing this service pack.”

Microsoft has not set a delivery date for Vista SP2 and Server 2008 SP2, saying only that it hopes to ship the update sometime in the first half of next year. Last week, however, a Web site that had accurately predicted several Vista and Windows XP ship dates earlier this year claimed that Microsoft would issue a release candidate in February and wrap up work in April 2009.

A limited number of beta testers have had Vista SP2 since late October, when Microsoft released the preview to its Technology Adoption Program, a long-standing group of company partners and customers.

Users who want to try the beta of Vista SP2 must have SP1 already installed; those grabbing the beta from Windows Update must also first install a component meant to improve the chances of a smooth upgrade.

Microsoft estimated the size of Windows Update download of Vista SP2 beta at 41MB for the 32-bit version and about 60MB for the 64-bit edition. Windows Server 2008 SP2’s beta will weigh in at 47MB to 90MB.

(Original article is HERE)

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